Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Augusta Views: Snow & American Idol

I am here to report that snow has officially fallen in Augusta, Georgia! ...As part of a wintry mix, but hey, I'll take it! And American Idol has started up again to boot! It's a great Thursday.

Snow & American Idol are two things that simply make me happy. (They'll definitely both make it to my thankful list tonight!) While I normally wouldn't pair them, they happened to come together today, so....

I've really been missing the snow since I moved from Utah. Most people who live around it long enough begin to hate the stuff; I guess 4 years wasn't enough for me! It's just a magical feeling to see snow falling. The big fluffy kind makes the whole world quieter & more peaceful-feeling. Not to mention the endless entertainment possibilities that come with freshly fallen snow! I absolutely love the stuff. Even the wet, wintry mix kind! Not nearly as good for playing in, but equally fascinating to watch.

And American Idol...well, I can't say I've "missed" it per se, but I am glad that it's back. Two reasons really: first of all, the auditions are marvelously amusing and secondly because the WGA strike has deprived me of my "regularly scheduled programming." (Not that I think that the writers aren't entitled or anything, I'm merely being selfish.) But really, aside from the crazy people who will do ANYTHING to get on television (I'm sure YouTube has some great clips by now), I really admire these people who have the confidence to audition. For Simon Cowell no less! I enjoy watching the show as much to applaud the people who try as to laugh at the ones who are clearly there for no other purpose...I hope.

This seems to be a theme that I come back to a lot, that is, things that make me happy. Like the "thankful list" that CK suggested yesterday, taking note of the things in life that you enjoy can really keep you thinking positively. Today, it just happened to be snow & American Idol that got me smiling. What was, or is, it for you?

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