Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today's Links (Thursday, 8-23-07): Playing Chicken

- Life is often about negotiations; sometimes you need to play hard ball. Here are 6 steps for making your threat credible (or how to win at Chicken) which I found via Ben Casnocha.

- The best business ideas in the world, via Business 2.0. The great thing about this page is that it's updated every day through the month of August, so you can come back here daily.

- For those of you planning on having mansions: maintenance isn't cheap. From WR blog.

- Random link alert: looking to buy a water bottle? Slate presents all the options.

- College Knowledge is growing and hiring more tutors in Atlanta. Check out the Facebook event or send an email for more information.

- Reading feeds the soul like food feeds the body.

- Thoughts on the obesity epidemic over at the Freakonomics blog.

- College health 101, via Star-Tribune.

- Looks like French is making a comeback, at least in New York City.

- Legal issues over the "high quality" teacher designation.

- It looks like the College Board got out of student lending. Here's another perspective on the matter, this time from the NY Times.

- Good summary on the NCLB and school quality, via Joanne Jacobs.

- Alex Tabarrok suggests a new way to pick presidents. He is serious.

- Here's a good resource for expanding your investing knowledge. I also suggest this book which we reviewed here. *Note: We realize there are limitations to theories presented in the book; however, we strongly believe in expanding our knowledge of all financial theory.

- You can learn from the past when it comes to investing... note that it's can learn from the past, not will learn from the past.

- Ever wonder why Google acquired YouTube? Here is a good estimate on potential payoff.

- Oh government, Donald Boudreaux doesn't want you meddling with the markets.

- What makes an entrepreneur?

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Becca said...

wow, "So You Think You Can Be President"???? is that really the best solution to the "uninformed voter" epidemic (at least what some call an epidemic...)? what do y'all think?

College Knowledge said...

No certainly not, but I'm glad he's throwing ideas out there (and that you're reading them!)

It's a problem worth writing a whole post about... interested in guest posting?

Becca said...

perhaps if something really strikes my fancy (or hits a nerve), but otherwise i think i should stick to comments...nonsensical arguments and grammatical mistakes are forgiven here!

College Knowledge said...

Let's hope they're forgiven on the occasional post as well. Alas, that's the beauty of blogging.