Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Today's Links (Friday, 8-24-07): The Golden Ticket

- Want to get rich? Perhaps you can start by getting a good team.

- Internships are the golden ticket. "It's often not what you know, but who you know."

- Speaking of internships, any college aged minority students interested in business should apply to my internship program (GCFL '06). I suggest applying in Round 1 as the program is highly competitive. Feel free to send an email for tips.

- Necessity is the mother of invention(s).

- Have you spent time "thoughting" lately? The post applies to life, school, and business.

- If you're out looking at grad schools there are usually some standard criteria to consider; note # 7 on this list because it's often overlooked.

- "We bond through our misery" via the NY Times.

- Reading "The American Scholar" as a back to school routine.

- A call for Australia to invest more of their budget surplus towards education.

- Great advice but I enjoyed the bit on anti-intellectualism. Caroline - looks like you're at a good school!

- On the different types of advice, via Ben Casnocha.

- If you've got a great business idea, pursue it. Don't make excuses.

- Remember the uproar over those big bonuses on Wall Street last year? Oops.

- A rant on fallacious reasoning and arguing badly.

- Looking to get married anytime soon? Beware the costs. (via The Numbers Guy)

- How sushi has changed the world by revealing the complex dynamics of globalization.

- I will be in Newport this weekend; if you're sending an email regarding the blog, I will get back to you on Monday. Thanks.

The weekly CK Shout Out: This one goes to two groups of people: the people who have been importing our blog into their Notes on Facebook and to all the accessible bloggers. In particular, Ben Casnocha and Tyler Cowen have been very good at getting back to me when I've sent them emails, even though they're very busy people.

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Jonathan said...

I really like the article on building a team, a network of helpers. It's like a support group. I don't know anyone who doesn't need the support of friends or family. What I'm trying to say is, I concur with what they say.

Becca said...

i love how in the choosing a graduate school article the author's spell check changed "grad" to "grade"! at least i think this is a mistake...

College Knowledge said...

Jonathan - That's why we led off with it! There's really no way to be successful in today's world without a strong support group.

Becca - you're right, let's hope grade schools and grad schools are not the same! Otherwise all future grad students can look forward to some easy lessons.