Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blogs are everywhere!

It was only a matter of time before colleges started using blogs. It's not surprising, of course, given that these tools for communication give the colleges that utilize them a competitive edge. It's also not surprising given the general proliferation of blogs; I recommend visiting Technorati for some insight into the popularity of blogs.

Of course, the proliferation of blogs brings some downsides. The first is that some blogs just aren't very good; of course, I'd venture to say that those generally fade away or end up becoming better. The second downside, at least when it comes to blogs and education, is that colleges may end up censoring the blogs they're so keen to adapt... I understand a blog would go over the top if, for example, it were specifically attacking someone without merit; however, that doesn't seem to be the case when you read the article and discover that some colleges censor what they don't like. An administrator censoring a blog because they don't like seeing something negative about the college, especially if it's true, defeats the purpose of having a blog.

It's sometimes tough to balance a blog when it comes to reporting, commentary, and business interests. I try to have a good balance and not have overly heavy commentary, I try to see all sides of an issue, and report what I read as fairly as possible. I also try not to advertise our company blatantly, since that would be plainly annoying and not the main purpose of this blog.

I emphasize that the main point of this blog is to provide timely news, commentary, and tips on education and tutoring. If I ever stray from that (hopefully not!), please let me know.

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