Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today's Links (Weekend, 10-13-07): People

- For those techies out there, here's 10 strategic technologies for 2008.

- Looks like the special/gifted program movement is gaining steam.

- Schwartz on globalization, a topic we like to visit often on our blog.

- Hopefully anyone applying to college/grad school knows this stuff but if not check this out.

- The college admissions game. Not too much to read here except for this telling passage: My girl has an unweighted GPA of 3.4, one JV and three Varsity letters in sports, has taken AP classes every year, and is building up her number of community service hours as well. I honestly, truly don't know if this is enough to get her into the college(s) of her choice these days. Tuition rates are soaring, colleges are looking for the brightest and the best, and we all know how competitive the world has become these days for a variety of reasons.

- For anyone worried about the distribution of wealth, read this first.

- Sometimes maybe it's better to think "inside" the box. It could boost your productivity...

- Looking for cheap airfare for weekend trips or the upcoming holidays? Thanks to Frommer for unearthing an interesting online search service.

- The debate on the future of email. Scoble is sometimes ridiculed, but to us the guy is really spot on. He even replies to FB messages and emails. Anyways, the linked debate might change your stance on the topic.

- Stuff like this really makes us excited to know someone like Rizwan. Check out the rest of his India blog here.

- Speaking of people we know, Sham Gad gives out good advice as usual. One nitpicky counterpoint we'd like to make: there is a way you can lose money if you just sit on it (hello inflation) but it's a small price to pay as you wait for the right opportunity.

- Once more on the topic of people, check out our post on investing in people.

- Penelope said she'd link to one of our posts (and while that's going to hopefully happen soon) we'd like to point you to this bit on image and the effect it might have on your career.

Tips for success: when going into a test, go in confident. Even if you missed some classes, or didn't cover all the material, your confidence will make up for some of the holes in your knowledge. It's certainly better to *think* you know the answer than to second and third guess yourself (where you'd flipflop from one answer to another and waste precious time). Then when you get out of the test, be cynical (only temporarily, then forget about the test). It'll make it so that when you get your score back you will have done better than you "expected".

Did we miss something? Feel free to leave a comment or drop us a line. Feedback is always welcome and always read. *We've actually been getting a lot of emails, which is always great news but also means you shouldn't be shy to chime in!

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Becca said...

About the success tip on confidence, I couldn't agree more! It makes all the difference in the world, and I speak from vast experience! Here, here, CK!