Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Sharing news and commentary about education, careers, investing, and life.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Keeping Your Pipeline Full

Keeping your pipeline full is all about knowing what opportunities and options are available to you... and then making sure you keep many of them available to you for when you need them.

This concept works well with work/career/business but also works well in a school background. While there's no substitute for excellence and hardwork, we can offer a few tips for keeping your pipeline full:

1) It's not what you know, but who you know. That's a great saying, because it's often (though not always) true. You need to approach every new relationship with someone as an opportunity - it's often the people you least expect that will be able to help you out later on in life. This is a great way to maximize your exposure to good luck, which helps keep the pipeline full.

2) Not everyone can help you, but anyone can hurt you. In this case, the answer is simple: be nice to everyone because you never know when it could come back to haunt you. In this day and age, something like an angry email could be posted over the internet and seen by thousands... which immediately gives you a poor reputation. That's not a good way to keep your pipeline full.

3) Ask (nicely). You'd be amazed how a nice question about a job, industry, or company can go a long way. Most people want to help you but it's up to you to let them know you're open to help and advice.

We've got plenty of other tips, but we can't give away all our secrets in one post... keep reading the blog for more posts and tips on life, work, education, investing, books, and the like.

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